The BEST buying experience EVER Above and Beyond. 110%
Just bought a new Harley from Quaid and I will NEVER buy a bike from anyone else again. I got there at 5pm. By 7pm everything was DONE and ready to go out-the-door. As you can see, it wasn't just one person, but a TEAM. All working together to HELP ME. While having great conversations, laughing, etc., they worked the magic, and I got an excellent deal. No pressure: it was a real pleasure. I didn't have to ask; they just did it. Today I rode thru Joshua Tree National Monument and bought an annual pass for all National Parks. A whole new world has opened. I'm hooked and I now have my A-Team, i.e., the Quaid Team. I Couldn't be happier. (Employee: Brandon Quaid, B Meekins, Jeremiah Wolfe, Rich Huerta, Zach Rheaume, Haylee Hyatt, Kelly Pettey)
Steven Thompson
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