Hands Down
Hands down, no question about it; if you want a bitchin ride, whether brand new on the lot or used but immaculate, GO TO QUAID HARLEY DAVIDSON, Loma Linda! From the second I walked in the door, to riding off the lot with this siiiic AF 24 Road King Special, the entire experience was amazing. My sales team member, Jeremiah Wolfe, not only knows his sh*t, but has an excellent attitude and energy to match, which only makes picking out a new sled that much better. And while youre liftin up the skirt and checkin your pick out, everyone, AJ, Brandon, Rich, all stop by to shake hands and make a fella (or lady) feel like family. Thenyou go inside and it just gets better. The team really worked to get me a great deal, make sure my expectations were met in a professional, friendly setting that I can only describe as warm and apparently very conducive to making sure that wad of cash in my pocket doesnt leave me with 3rd degree burns. The Quaid name is second to none. (Employee: Jeremiah Wolfe)
Roark Stangl
Roark, we appreciate you and your continued support of our dealership. We are glad to have you as part of our Quaid Family!

Kristin Braaten
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